Welcome to the first release of the
FTC Video Series

From the Commander (FTC), is the first in a series of videos that I will release over the next few months that will highlight our accomplishments as a club and acknowledge those who have volunteered and supported our efforts during the year. 

I encourage you to listen to these updates and provide any feedback that you think would allow us to expand and improve as our boating club. 

Looking Forward
Final Thoughts

We would like to hear from you.  Feel free to provide your feedback:   

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Video Corrections are as follows:

Sally Ann Robinson was a first-grade student not a teacher at the Pat Conroy school

Reference to Paul Newbert should be Bob Newbert

Debbie Dion has been editor for 5 years

Lisa Ennis created a Facebook page for our club about 5 years ago

PS - No animals, fish, or boats were harmed during the creation of these videos